Preserving our humanity in the Digital Age

Answer the call…


The Call

With the rising tide of artificial intelligence and immersive, digital worlds, humanity is called to an existential choice:

Will we decide to drop our humanity by the wayside, or will we ensure its survival into the future?

On the line

The choice

Our humanity is on the line. In the age of ever-increasing digital dependence, we find ourselves further and further divorced from ourselves, our community, and nature. We are currently deciding, rather unconsciously, as to whether we will carry our humanity with us into the future.

Our calling


Preserving our humanity in the Digital Age.

Answering the call

The opportunity

The Digital Age calls us to meet the rising digital tide in a shared vision of our humanity and its future. We assist in answering the call through expanding self-awareness. This is achieved through awareness-raising programming rooted in immersive experiences across the arts, culture, and nature, inclusive of publications and self-learning tools—each fostering and catalyzing a more balanced, nuanced and thoughtful perspective as we navigate the Digital Age.


john mackjohn mack

John Mack

John Mack has been called a ‘visionary’ — a ‘sage for humanity in the age of tech.’ Over the past decade John has brought to the forefront deeper issues of our humanity in light of our increasing dependence on smart-devices and rising AI. John was an honoree of The Explorer’s Club 50: Fifty people changing the world who the world needs to know about. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities on the subjects of technology, awareness and consciousness.

Meet John Mack

Board & Advisors

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