In order to ensure the preservation of our humanity in the Digital Age, Life Calling cultivates deeper self-awareness through three core initiatives.

h+1 The Humanity Impact Fund

Life Calling is seeding a new impact model that steers investments toward a deepening of our humanity through a vetted ecosystem and portfolio of h+1 organizations and initiatives that cultivate compassion, empathy, community, creativity, and awe for the natural world.

h+1 The Impact Fund

Immersive Experiences

Immersive exhibitions that serve as invitations to contemplate our relationship to our devices and the surrounding world while inciting the introspection needed to prevent the loss of our humanity. Exhibitions prompt self-reflection, new modes of education, thought leadership and collaboration.

A Species Between Worlds

Wisdom Enrichment and Engagement

Building an ecosystem of strategic alliances and stakeholders to engage in creating new and immersive forms of thought leadership convenings that raise the bar on producing high caliber programming and experiences, providing audiences with the opportunity to engage in deeper dialogue and connection surrounding timely and mission-critical issues with regard to navigating the Digital Age.