h+1 The Humanity Impact Fund
h+1 The Humanity Impact Fund
h+1 The Humanity Impact Fund

h+1 The Humanity Impact Fund

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Calling it out

The current A.I. climate

The rising tide of A.I. is highlighting the long-developing imbalance of power of the machine over humanity.

Incoming call

An opportunity

Never before have we been called so urgently to recalibrate the balance of power between ourselves and the machines we create.

Dialing in

A simple equation

Whatever our investment in technology, the more we must invest in our humanity. Life Calling’s h+1 global initiative is an ‘inner Impact’ model and movement calling on public and private sectors to make a commitment to raise the bar by matching every investment that is made in technology with the same investment—plus $1.00—toward our humanity.

There has never been a more important time for us to call on all sectors to make a commitment to inner Action. h+1 requires leadership and participation from every sector to dial in new approaches to how we co-create, partner, invest and activate inner Impact. The Digital Age offers an unprecedented opportunity to pave the way toward a deeper humanity.

What is an h?

As a symbol for humanity, an h is a specific organization—selected into Life Calling’s h+1 portfolio and cohort of transformative leaders—that is answering the call of today’s connection crises by nurturing at least one of four lines of connection to the human soul: connection to self (through the cultivation of self-awareness), connection to others (by nurturing relationships), connection to nature (by fostering awe and wonder), connection to imagination (by igniting creativity).

Connection to Self

through the cultivation of self-awareness

Connection to Others

by nurturing relationships

Connection to Nature

by fostering awe and wonder

Connection to Imagination

by igniting creativity

The h+1 Lines of Connection:

You’ve been called!

Life Calling is calling on individuals like yourself to suggest an h of your choice as a possible addition to the Life Calling, h+1 portfolio of change-makers.

Nominate an h

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